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Wanna come see me in my on-ground office? Ya can. 400F on the SWC main campus, Mondays 11-12:40, Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30-2:20.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: English 116 is the second semester of Freshman Composition, and it focuses on argumentation and critical thinking.

WARNING: This class is rated “R” for mature themes, graphic violence, sexual situations and religious issues. If frank discussion of these themes offends you, or if you can’t deal with these topics in a mature manner, maybe this section isn’t for you.

YOUR RESPONSIBILITES: This is a college-level course, and I expect you to treat it as such. This means the following:

  • Your status in this class, including the submission of your work, as well as its quality and content, is solely your responsibility.
  • You are expected to meet the requirements of the course in a thorough and timely manner and to keep pace with any and all changes made to the class schedule, including assigned due dates.
  • You are expected to bear the results of your actions.
  • You are chiefly responsible for the grade you receive at the end of the class, from an “A” to an “F.”

ATTENDANCE: In an online class, attendance is assessed by the submission of your work. If you don’t turn assignments in, you’re “absent.” If you miss a deadline for a discussion board post, your “absent.” Online courses demand some discipline, and if you fall behind, it'll be very tough to catch up.

SPECIAL ACCOMMODATIONS: If you have any needs for special accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, please inform me as soon as possible, and I will make every reasonable effort to see your needs are met.

TUTORING: To further your success, reinforce concepts, and achieve the stated learning objectives for this course, I refer you to Academic Success Center learning assistance services. You will be automatically enrolled in NC 3: Supervised Tutoring, a free noncredit course that does not appear on your transcripts. Services are located in the ASC (420), the Writing Center (420D), the Reading Center (420), Math Center (426), the Library/LRC Interdisciplinary Tutoring Lab, MESA, specialized on-campus School tutoring labs, the Higher Education Center, and the San Ysidro Education Center. Online learning materials and Online Writing Lab (OWL) are available at www.swccd.edu/~asc


All essays must be double-spaced, typed in a 12 to 14 point font such as Times or Palatino, and submitted as a .doc, .docx. or .rtf file, or I will not accept them. You are also required to retain a copy of all work submitted and returned. I cannot and will not be responsible for lost or missing papers. (PS. I can also take documents saved in .pages).
Make sure your name is on all of the work you submit to me!

IMPORTANT! When submitting files to me via email, make sure the subject line contains your last name and the assignment and that your file begins with you last name. For example, an email containing an essay on Dracula from a student named Kobe Bryant should have the subject line "Bryant Dracula essay" and contain a filed named "Bryant Dracula."

DISCUSSION BOARDS: You are expected to visit and read posts on the discussion board a minimum of three days per week. Each student is expected to make primary posts to specific prompts and 2 secondary posts for each primary post (replies to peers) over at least two different days each week. You can't post everything at once because that would be like talking to yourself.

  • There are specific dates due for each post, so please refer to the schedule. Refer to each unit's discussion section for required prompts, and keep in mind that only well-developed and thought-out posts will receive credit. One-word posts, or posts that simply say "I agree" without explanation will not get credit.
  • In addition, just as you would respond to remarks directed towards you in a conversation or class, common courtesy and respect require that you respond to any replies to your posts.
  • While technical problems are rare, they do occur on occasion. For this reason, I highly recommend that you compose your posts in a word processing program such as Word, save them in a file reserved for this purpose, and then copy and paste your responses to the message board. This way, should a glitch hit the message board (or your computer as you're composing!), you will be able to easily retrieve and repost your responses.
  • Other technical issues should be reportedly immediately to the Online Help Center: Call (888) 556-6718 or e-mail: OnlineLearning@swccd.edu or come by room L103 in the new LRC in you're on campus.

Only posts made to the discussion board will receive credit. Please do not email posts.

Code of Conduct and Netiquette:

  • The discussion board serves a specific function and parallels the role of classroom discussion. Therefore, the same level of professionalism appropriate to a face-to-face class is expected on the board.
  • Respect the right of fellow students to post their opinions. Discuss and attack ideas, not people.
  • Emphasize the positive. Write responses that encourage critical thinking and constructive debate of ideas.
  • Give equal time to all participants by not dominating a class forum.
  • Develop an online writing style that is clear and concise. If you write a long post, be sure to state the main point/s in the first two or three sentences. Readers will be better able to scan your response and not overlook important details.
  • Remember that the discussion board is a flat affect area, so be particularly aware of how you frame your comments. What you say and how you say it can be easily misinterpreted. As silly as they might seem, emoticons or smileys like this one :-) can avoid misunderstandings. Here's a link to a whole glossary of them. And keep in mind that TYPING IN ALL CAPS looks like yelling ;-)

EMAIL: Please make sure you have your real name on your email, and include the class in your subject line. NOTE: If you have a funky address like sosexygonzo@blahblah.com (a real email address belonging to a former student), your email will likely end up deleted by the college spam blocker.

PAPERS: You’ll be doing 3 different kinds of essays this semester:

  • 2 Discussion Papers: These MLA-formatted papers will be graded 4-0. These papers have a minimum word count of 750, and anything below the minimum will be given a “0.”
  • 2 Short essays: These MLA-formatted papers will be graded 4-0. These papers have a minimum word count of 500. These will be graded on a scale from 4-0, and anything below the minimum will be given a “0.”
  • 1 Research Paper: This paper will require you to use two outside sources, conform to MLA format and include a Works Cited page. The minimum word count is 1,050. This paper will be graded on a scale of A-F. You will revise this paper at the end of the semester as your final exam.


Any and all work submitted past a deadline will be considered late with date and time of submission determined by when it reaches my inbox. Also if the work is not in one of the formats specified above, it will also be considered late. I will deduct one letter grade or grade point for every calendar day work is late.

GRADING: Your semester grade is based on the total sum of your work as determined by the actual points and grades earned:

  • 20% Discussion papers (A-F)
  • 10% Short essays (a possibility of eight points)
  • 20% Research Paper (A-F)
  • 20% Research Paper revision (A-F)
  • 20% Discussion Board posts (credit/no credit, one point per post)
  • 10% Informal writing and other work (credit/no credit points of a undetermined number)

REQUIRED TEXTS: All books are available at and should be purchased online from the Southwestern College Bookstore.

Frankenstein, Dracula, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (this is a single book that contains all three texts).

CARE AND FEEDING OF YOUR INSTRUCTOR: If you want to pass this, or any, class as easily as possible, it behooves you to understand the quirks and whims of your instructor. With that in mind, I present you a brief overview of the easiest way to get along with me.

  • First and foremost, do your work and do it well. Take some pride in your work, and invest some time in making it look like you care.
  • Don’t whine. Nobody likes a whiner. I will do my best to make you as aware of the parameters of every assignment I give you, and if you fail to meet the criteria established, don’t complain.
  • Considering the above, if you don’t understand something, ask me. I will reply to your email within 24 hours. If you don’t receive a reply from me, try to email me again, and if that does’t work, try my alternate email, swcrempt@gmail.com.
  • If you feel you are not doing as well in this class as you think you should, contact me as soon as possible. Any time past midterm is usually too late.

I am dedicated to helping you pass this course in any reasonable way I can. If you are willing to work and follow these guidelines, you should do fine.